"People come and go."

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Longing soul.

Everyone has their own struggle. Mine is the struggle to determine what direction I should follow in my life. What path should I take to achieve something better. My struggle is to easily realize what is and what is not. What is better and what is just okay. What is mediocrity and what is exceptional. This, I know, is my struggle. But I think it’s fine, because, at-least I learn to recognize it. I know not everything will go as expected in my life, and so I am dropping expectations. Let me go with the flow but I promise myself I won’t drown.

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Papa’s playlist.

This is one thing I miss everytime I’m away from home.. my papa’s nostalgic playlist. Once he turns his stereo on, I know I will be blown away again by the feelings I get by just listening to his music. No particular genre or era, however, I’m taken somewhere else by his music. Someplace I’ve never been. Feelings so indescribable. 

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Gaaah, long time no updates. Been busy this last march and april. And woah, now it’s may!? Seriously, time flies.  

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  • PANTYZONED. Isang sitwasyon kung saan ginawa ka lang niyang PANAKIP BUTAS.
  • WIWIZONED. Pinakilig ka lang, nainlove ka na agad.
  • KOYAZONED. Kapatid lang ang turing sa’yo.
  • WIFI ZONED. Ang relasyon niyo ay parang signal ng wifi ng kapitbahay, minsan malakas ang connection, minsan mahina. Pero…
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Ang mahiwagang pagkawala

Lahat ay nawala na lamang na parang bula..

Hindi ko alam kung anong nangyari, kung san ako nagkamali. Pero alam ko na ako ang may kasalanan. Maaaring hindi ko naibigay lahat ng pag-aalaga at pagmamahal na dapat ay naibigay ko sana sayo. O sadyang hindi lang ba talaga tayo tinadhanang magsama ng matagal kaya pakiramdam ko ngayon na kahit wala ka na sa aking piling.. ay masaya ka naman sa piling nya? At sino na nga ba sya? Hindi ko rin kilala, at parang ayoko na rin makilala. Para saan pa? Ang hiling ko nalang ngayon ay alagaan ka nya at kung subukan man burahin lahat ng ala-ala natin ay magiging masakit eto para sa akin. Ngunit maging masaya ka nalang sa piling nya. At kahit halos na 6 na buwan lamang tayo nagsama, wag mong isipin na madali kong malilimutan lahat ng iyon. Sayo ko binuhos ang pagmamahal ko, sayo ko lahat ipinagkatiwala ang mga sikreto ko, sayo ko lahat kinuwento ang storya ko. Lahat ng litrato. Lahat ng importanteng mga bagay. Lahat-lahat. 

Kaya ang tanong ko: Kelan kaya uli tayo magkakadaupang palad, o aking external hard drive?

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The not-so-late holiday post!


I still dont get the hang of things. No, I wasn’t away for some grande vacation, it’s just that my laptop was, well, away for the past couple of weeks. So no matter how late it is, im still greeting the tumblr world a merry christmas and a happy new year! 

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"Pag may gusto tayong gawin na out of our comfort zones, sasabihin satin ng matatanda, “masyado ka pang bata”. Pero pag sila ang may gusto ipagawa satin, lagi nilang sinasabi, “matanda ka na”"

- Self thoughts.

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The top 10 “common problems” with teenagers.

Will this post step on someone’s toes? Yes. Others listed also refer to me that’s why I’m using the first person pov. I’m not being a hypocrite here. Let’s just contemplate on these things (if i must say).

Although numbered, this list is random. So here it goes!

  1. We tweet/blog/status (in whatever social network) everything we do.
  2. We take pictures of everything we eat then post it on instagram.. and we would even claim that we are “photographers”. 
  3. We like posting status about other people’s wrongdoings and mischiefs.
  4. We confirm on our friend’s list people we personally don’t know.
  5. We spend too much time and money on overrated brands. Branded coffees, branded clothes, branded everything!
  6. Were a little too aggressive about our feelings for others that we sometimes mistake lust for love. (When we feel there’s a “spark” it’s so easy for us to give into sex.)
  7. We read too much magazines, watch too much televisions, listen too much music. 
  8. We require our boyfriends/girlfriends/partners to text us every minute of their life.
  9. Just when we find our “soulmate”, we still look for others.
  10. Losing our phone is more dramatic than losing our virginity. (Megan Fox)
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